Swamp Juice Slime

Slimy goo oozing down the side of your glass makes this fruity drink perfect for any spooky Halloween gathering.

Pumpkin Streusel Rolls

Who doesn’t love pumpkin? Here it adds moisture to these crumb-topped and crumb-filled sweet rolls.

Spooky Ghosts

Simply adorable…vanilla candy coating tops peanut shaped peanut butter sandwich cookies, with a few drops of black frosting for the eyes and mouth! Spooky, tasty, fun!

Mummy Fingers

Kids of all ages will have a blast making and eating these jumbo franks wrapped in refrigerated bread stick dough then baked to mummified perfection.

Apple Night Crawlers

Cored apples filled and baked until soft, then stuffed with a gummy worm half sticking out! Serve it slightly warm and the gummy worm just might move on you!

Pretzel Candy

These pop-in-your-mouth chocolate sweets are perfect for a simple candy treat!

Wizard’s Magic Cider Mix

A spicy blend of apple cider and red grape juice, served hot with a stir of cinnamon stick, will bring magic to any wizard’s Halloween night.


Ghostly Petite Cakes with Mallow Frosting

Adorably spooky, these little ghost cakes made from white cake mix and topped with a marshmallow frosting and mini chocolate chip eyes are a fun Halloween activity for kids of all ages!

Candy Bar Squares

Chocolate candy bars with almonds make an easy topping for these thin but decadent (and SO easy to make) squares. Leftover candy never had it so good!

Skillet Chili Cheddar Melt

Stovetop, one skillet chili – perfect for an after-trick-or-treat meal or before the candy extravaganza begins!

Slow Cooker Cranberry Cider

Try this mulled version of cranberry juice and cider, with the addition of cranberries and a splash of rum. Warming and welcome!

Chocolate Oat Chipsters

This easy to make double chocolate oatmeal cookie with a special crunch from crisp rice cereal will become a favorite any time of year.

Chicken Dippers with Two Sauces

This quick and easy dinner option for Trick or Treat night satisfies – kids love the familiar flavors, and the tangy, spicy sauces capture any adult’s attention.

Peanut Butter Crispies

Four ingredients equals tasty fun; have the kids join in to stir and make these easy crisp rice cereal treats perfect for snacking.


Step back, Jack, and enjoy this eerie green Halloween celebratory martini featuring Apple Pucker and Jim Beam with a splash of cranberry juice, eerily shaken or stirred!

Post-Candy Collection: The Case Study

All parents can understand the uncertainty when it comes to what happens with the candy their kids bring home Halloween eve. From hoarding to gobbling, there are several ways your kids will put their Halloween bounty to use.

Trick or Treat Night Tips

The kids have been looking forward to Halloween for months and their night is finally here. Make the most of the evening by planning a play-by-play.

Halloween Cookie Upgrades

Christmas cookies may get all the attention, but you can up the cookie ante for Halloween with these creative store-bought cookie dough hacks.

Halloween Table Spread

Inviting friends over for Halloween makes this kid-friendly holiday accessible to all ages.

An Art-y Halloween

Make Halloween about more than just the candy with these fun Halloween crafts.

Creatively Kit Kat

Make your snack-size candy more than Halloween trick-or-treats by trying any of the following with Kit Kat’s new limited-edition pumpkin pie flavor.

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Created by: Sharon Garofalow, Cupcakes and Cutlery

These easy pumpkin cupcakes are super moist and make a perfect fall dessert. The pumpkin pie spice brings all my favorite seasonal spices to the cupcakes and they are absolutely delicious! White chocolate “pumpkin seeds” take only a few minutes to make and are a fun Halloween candy all on their own. Put it all together and you have a festive fall treat!

Candy Corn Dip

Created by: Carrie Robinson, Frugal Foodie Mama

Inspired by a favorite fall time candy, this triple layer Candy Corn Dip is sure to be a big hit at this year’s Halloween or harvest party. Simply serve with fresh apple slices, pretzels or graham crackers, and watch it disappear!

Pumpkin Delight

Created by: Britni Vigil, Play. Party. Plan.

Pumpkin Delight is the perfect fall version of striped delight. It starts with the same graham cracker layer, then changes things up with a layer of cream cheese and pumpkin pudding before finishing off with creamy whipped topping. It’s a little bit of fall in every single bite, and is one of those desserts everyone will love.

How to Pair Mums in Your Fall Arrangements

Created by: Lauren Saylor, A Fabulous Fete

Mums! They’re a fall staple for any household looking to create a seasonal arrangement. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, making them a versatile addition to your table decor. Here’s a trick for creating cohesive arrangements that stick to a monochromatic color scheme.

Eyeball Lychee Martinis

Created by: Nicole Leggio, Cooking for Keeps

These spooky eyeball martinis are the perfect cocktail for your Halloween celebrations. Lychees stuffed with blueberries make up the “eyeballs,” while vodka, triple sec, lychee syrup and lemon juice make up the base of the drink. Each martini is topped off with a little bubbly, and they’re ready for the party!

Spooky Fruit Parfaits with Coconut Whipped Cream for Halloween

Created by: Julia Mueller, The Roasted Root

These spooky parfaits are the easiest thing to put together. Simply pick up your favorite fruit from the store (Halloween colors preferred!), chop it up, put it in fancy glasses and top with homemade whipped cream. For these parfaits, I used red plums, black grapes and blackberries. You can also use blood oranges, cherries, strawberries, blueberries or black plums.

Vampire’s Brew Sparkling Water

Created by: Lauren Saylor, A Fabulous Fete

One of my favorite ways to stay hydrated is flavored sparkling water. This is also the perfect alternative to cocktails at a holiday bash, and something the whole family can enjoy. Since Halloween is on the way, here is way to turn it into a drink worthy of your celebrations. You can set up an entire bar of flavors for your guests to choose from!

Black Magic Margaritas

Created by: Lauren Saylor, A Fabulous Fete

With a few extra steps and ingredients, you can turn all of your favorite cocktail recipes into “spooky” versions for your upcoming Halloween parties. Margaritas are our go-to drinks for get-togethers. And since I didn’t want to stray too far from our favorite recipe, I just changed up the color to make it festive and just the right amount of creepy for the holiday.

3 Easy Halloween Party Game Ideas

Created by: Laura Franklin, Food Fun Family

The weather has turned mild, the leaves have started to change color, and Halloween is in the air! Whether you’re throwing a Halloween class party or having some friends over for games before trick or treating, these Halloween-inspired games are sure to be a hit. Not only are they fun for kids of all ages, but they’re easy to set up and play, using supplies that you probably have around the house already.

Cookie Pizza

Created by: Erin, Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

Use some of that Halloween candy to make a cookie pizza for the whole family. The base is a delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe that’s frosted and then decorated with candy. You can make it your own by using whatever you have on hand, or just picking up some of your favorites at the store.

Ghoulish Floral Display for Halloween

Arrangements or pots of mums are almost expected in autumn, since they're available in such abundance. Give your potted flowers a ghoulish look for Halloween by painting a plant pot to look like your favorite classic movie monster. As an added spooky surprise, the monster face glows in the dark.  

Popcorn Balls

Created by: Leigh Ann Hieronymus

As a child, my neighbor made these delicious popcorn balls for Halloween treats!

Apple Cheddar Slab Pie

The perfect ratio of sweet apple filling and cheddar spiked crust…it makes enough for a crowd!

Fall Bulgur Wheat Salad

Move over boring salads, this hearty combination of whole grain, apples, grapes and walnuts makes for a crave-worthy meal.

Slow Cooker Ranch Potatoes

Created by: Erin Sellin, Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

Use your crock pot to make crispy-tender potatoes flavored with ranch. These potatoes are great with just about anything: roast chicken, pork chops, steak, fish…you name it! And just think of all the ways you could change up the flavor to enjoy them over and over again.

Slow Cooker Banh Mi Sandwiches

Created by: Nicole Leggio, Cooking for Keeps

This easy version of a classic Vietnamese sandwich uses a slow cooker to gently tenderize rich pork shoulder, seasoned with all the classic flavors that go along with a banh mi – soy sauce, fish sauce, rice vinegar, ginger and garlic. Delicious!

Pumpkin Fudge

Created by: Crystal Owens, A Pumpkin & A Princess

These days you can find pumpkin spice lattes, donuts, cake and even milkshakes. If you’re looking for one more dessert to satisfy your pumpkin spice craving then you’ll want to try this pumpkin fudge. It’s fairly easy to make if you put in just a little work.

Fall Floral White and Pink Flowering Patio Pumpkins

How can you celebrate the changing of the seasons in a unique way? Focus on nontraditional colors! Long-lasting, cold-hearty mums come in hot pink, burgundy, purple and red. Pumpkins come in classy whites and dusty blues and greens as well.

Prepping for Fall Weather

Once summer mornings get chilly, it may be time to start thinking about fall weather. Here are a few things to do outside, inside and in the garage to make sure you’re not caught off guard and left in the cold—literally.

Party Plan: Weeknight Wins with National Family Meal Month

Fall comes and you’re back at it – school, a schedule and busy nights! Dinner needs to fit in somewhere, and we’ve got a great selection of recipes for your whole family to try together. Whether you’re looking for new inspiration, time-saving meals or just a way to mix things up, check out these sure ways to win on weeknights.

Southwestern Chili

Created by: Krissy Allori, Self Proclaimed Foodie

Chili…rarely do you find such a comforting, filling meal that’s not only really good for you (depending, of course, on how you make it and the toppings you choose), but so versatile in terms of how different it can taste based on the recipe you choose. This one is delicious!

5-Cheese Pizza with Arugula Salad

Created by: Sharon Garofalow, Cupcakes and Cutlery

A pizza dinner is a great way to get kids involved, especially during National Family Meal Month. From shredding the cheese to dressing the simple salad, your kids can take control of putting this meal together. It’s cheesy and flavorful, and the peppery Arugula salad becomes the perfect topping and side dish in one!

Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Pizza

Created by: Laura Franklin, Food Fun Family

This breakfast pizza combines two favorite breakfast foods – scrambled eggs and bacon – with pizza crust and cheese. The result is absolutely delicious and the perfect way to get everyone around the table for National Family Meal Month.

Chana Saag

Created by: Julia Mueller, The Roasted Root

In celebration of National Family Meal Month, this classic vegetarian Indian dish can be made easily in 30 minutes or less. Plus, when you have help from family members in the kitchen, the cooking process is a breeze.

Creamy Turkey Enchiladas

Created by: Ana Frias, Muy Delish

These turkey enchiladas are the perfect recipe to make traditional Mexican food while keeping it healthy. Keep frozen turkey stocked in your freezer for your healthy meal inspirations!

DIY Pasta Bar

Created by: Julia Mueller, The Roasted Root

While my siblings and I all have very different personalities and hobbies, we always agreed on what we loved to eat for dinner: pasta. When celebrating National Family Meal Month, a DIY pasta bar is the perfect way to get the whole family together for an easy evening of delicious eats and great company.

Family Pasta Bake Three Ways

Created by: Carrie Robinson, Frugal Foodie Mama

Whip up a flavorful and cheesy pasta dish that every member of the family can agree on and love, with this impressive and easy-to-make Family Pasta Bake Three Ways. Layers of rigatoni smothered in marinara sauce are sandwiched between chicken Alfredo and a creamy basil cheese layer in this family-pleasing pasta bake.

Garlic Bruschetta

Go meatless tonight with a dinner full of fresh, bright flavors! Your family will savor every moment together over delicious bruschetta and a satisfying pasta meal made with crisp red peppers, herbs, and creamy alfredo.

Italian Meatballs

Created by: Britni Vigil, Play. Party. Plan.

With fall quickly approaching, everyone is looking for great recipes that can be used both as a quick weeknight meal and as something they can bring as a football party appetizer. Meatballs are perfect because they work for both.

One-Pot Beef Stroganoff

Created by: Erin Sellin, Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

Busy weeknights call for quick and easy dinners. This one-pot beef stroganoff is a quick and easy version of the classic, so you can have it on your busiest night. Plus it’s more budget friendly than the original because you use ground beef to make it come together.

Oven Roasted Turkey Sandwich with Tomato Soup

Serve up a classic lunchtime pairing that’s also perfect for dinnertime! Wholesome turkey and hearty bread team up with rich tomato soup to bring a homey, cozy meal to your family’s table.

Repurposed Tin Can Vase Centerpiece

Created by: Laura Franklin, Food Fun Family

Whether you’re preparing for a get-together with friends or simply setting the table for a weeknight family dinner during National Family Meal Month, a colorful centerpiece – especially a repurposed vase made by the kids – will set an inviting atmosphere.

Shredded Chicken Mini Tacos

Make your family meal a celebration of authentic flavor! Everyone can customize their own fiesta-ready taco to build a tasty, well rounded taco that’s easy to fill and fun to eat!

Swirl Baked French Toast

Switch things up and watch them smile! Have the most important meal of the day at the end of the day—packed with delicious breakfast-time favorites and finished with rich maple syrup.

Teaching Kids How to Set the Table

Created by: Emily Buys, Clever Housewife

My mom taught me how to set the table when I was young, and now as an adult, I still like to make sure the silverware is on the right side of the plate! Family mealtime is so important, and I believe the more nights per week when we can sit down and eat a meal together, the better.

Bat Scream Sandwiches

Created by: Danielle Cheever, Envision Pretty

There are two things people love when it comes to sweet treats: fun-shaped food and ice cream. I decided to combine the two for a super easy Halloween Treat DIY. (I don’t even know if I should call it a recipe – it was that simple.)

Dietitian’s Corner: Have a Happy, Healthy Halloween

Created by: By Allison Kuhn MS, RD, LD

Without thinking too hard, fill in this blank: “Halloween ____________.” Did you think of candy? If so, you’re not alone! A major part of any Halloween celebration is collecting and enjoying super sweet treats, especially when little ones are involved.

Trash Bag Spider Webs

Created by: Hannah Hagler, Champagne Lifestyle

If you're anything like me, you dread the idea of accumulating holiday decorations that will sit in boxes in the garage and gather dust until you are ready to bring them in (special bug visitors? No thank you). I love decorations that are cheap, easy and can be thrown away each year. This DIY idea is so cheap and easy it will blow your mind.

Trick-or-Treat Pumpkin Pie Dip

Created by: Carrie Robinson, Frugal Foodie Mama

This creamy trick-or-treat pumpkin pie dip from foodie blogger combines trick-or-treating candy with another fall favorite: pumpkin pie. Fat-free cream cheese and reduced fat whipped topping make this party-perfect dip a bit healthier than other renditions of this recipe. You can rely on the Snickers, Twix and M&M’s to provide plenty of sweetness and decadence.

Black Bean Spider Hummus

Hummus is more than delicious…it's easy to make, too! Blend up some at home and add a spooky Halloween touch with this simple recipe.

Caramel Coffee Toddy

Created by: Hannah Hagler, Champagne Lifestyle

There’s something about fall that makes me crave a warm adult beverage by a fire. This caramel coffee toddy is really easy to make in bulk for guests – just put a pot of coffee on, add a few ingredients and you’ve got a delicious coffee drink for multiple people that won’t take too much time or energy.

Chipotle Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

Your guests will love these miniature deviled eggs, made to look like tiny pumpkins, complete with stems! The chipotle chili powder gives them a spicy kick for even more irresistible flavor.

DIY Halloween Cocktail Rims

Created by: Emily Caruso, Jelly Toast

Add spooky flair to your next Halloween cocktail party with DIY Halloween cocktail rims. With a few simple kitchen staples, you can transform your ordinary glasses into frightful drinkware that your guests will go crazy for.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Bread Pudding

Created by: Emily Caruso, Jelly Toast

Fall means it's pumpkin season! This time of year it's great to stock up on canned pumpkin. You can use it in many different recipes – from savory to sweet. I try to make it a personal mission to figure out how many different baked goods I can add pumpkin to. In my mind, that is the very best kind of kitchen challenge.

Pumpkin Crème Brulee Tartlets

Created by: Greggy Soriano, Greggy's Digest

These mini-treats are the perfect pastry for your fall dinner party, a comforting and unique twist on your classic pumpkin pie. What's great about this recipe is that it's “no-bake,” so it makes life that much easier! Private Selection™ even has prebaked pastry tartlet shells that come right out of the box!

Savory Tex-Mex Corn Pancakes

Created by: Nicole Leggio, Cooking for Keeps

Pancakes. Everyone’s favorite breakfast food, right? Not mine. Pancakes tend to be my husband’s (and the rest of the country's) most requested breakfast item on lazy Saturday mornings, and while I share his love for inhaling fluffy pockets of dough with copious amounts of butter and sweet syrup, I actually happen to love pancakes just as much in savory form – for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Spooky Sangria Bar

Created by: Julia Mueller, The Roasted Root

My friends and I have a tradition of getting together on Halloween to enjoy appetizers, watch horror movies and pass out Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters. Some of us even dress up in costumes and we all enjoy a low-key evening with homemade cocktails. We enjoy making a theme for our evening by choosing a spooky Halloween-inspired food or drink to prepare and share.

Twix Icebox Cake

Created by: Emily Caruso, Jelly Toast

This no-bake layered icebox cake from Emily Caruso of turns leftover Halloween candy into a sophisticated culinary concoction. Just steal some small, fun-size Twix bars from your kids’ tick-or-treating sacks, combine with vanilla and chocolate ice cream and graham crackers, and you’ve got all the makings of an amazing dessert.

School Days Craze

Kick-start a healthy school year with tasty (and trendy) eats that will delight preschoolers, high school kids…even graduate students—and everyone in between!

Apple Pie Smoothie

Created by: Blair Lonergan, The Seasoned Mom

Perfect for those busy weekday mornings, this easy recipe, created by Blair Longeran of The Seasoned Mom, tricks kids into thinking that they are enjoying a sweet and creamy milkshake—don’t tell them they are actually consuming generous servings of fruit, protein, calcium and other nutrients!

S'mores Chia Pudding

Created By: Carrie Robinson, Frugal Foodie Mama

Pudding sounds like a dessert—and it is, especially when chocolate and graham crackers are involved. But chia pudding is packed with omega-rich nutrients with real staying power—enough so that blogger Carrie Robinson of the Frugal Foodie Mama offers this treat to her son before cross-country meets.

Dietitian's Corner: 4 Health Traps to Avoid this School Year

Created by: Molly McBride, RD, LD, Kroger Corporate Dietitian

It's been a long, glorious summer of buttery corn on the cob, ice cream and funnel cake—but now that the school year is approaching, it's time to get smart about wellness. Here are 4 health traps to avoid—and easy ways to make this return to routine an opportunity for healthier habits for the whole family.

Party Plan: Candlelit Cocktail Evening

Indulge friends at a cozy fall cocktail party by candlelight. They may come for the drinks, but they’ll stay for the mouthwatering finger foods and warm autumn ambiance.

Apple Cranberry Crisp

Oatmeal, tapioca and cranberries give this traditionally fall classic a distinctly holiday twist.

Wheat Sheaf Centerpiece

Wheat has long been a symbol of a successful harvest, associated with all that is truly nourishing and life-affirming. Decorate your Fall or Thanksgiving table with this simple, nature-inspired centerpiece.

Gathered Gourd Centerpiece

With a little creativity, it’s easy to transform simple gourds and surplus squash into sophisticated centerpieces for fall entertaining.

Flowering Pumpkin Centerpiece

Set your autumn décor into full bloom with a pumpkin bouquet that’s sure to brighten any table with bold, fall color.

Shiny Apple Tea Lights

Line up a row of these glowing apples to create a simple and stunning centerpiece, or use them to mark the place settings at a candlelit dinner party.

Pumpkin Mousse Napoleons

This fanciful take on pumpkin pie combines chilled spiced pumpkin and warm puff pastry. It’s creamy and incredible.

Autumn Apple Strudel

What’s better than a warm pastry stuffed with tangy bites of apples and cranberry? Topping it with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

Farmhouse Yukon Mashed Potatoes

Chicken broth adds extra richness to this rustic potato dish, without piling on the butter and cream. That means more room for grated cheese, bacon or chives!

Fall Décor Tabletop Tips

Create a welcoming fall tablescape with simple ideas that set a harvest time tone for holiday dinner parties.

Grahams Trail Mix

Combine two campsite essentials in one sweet and salty treat with this s’mores-flavored trail mix.

TRISCUIT Pull-Apart “Pizza”

A little bit pizza and a little bit nachos, these toasty squares are a total blank canvas for whatever mix of meat and veggies you have on hand.

Cheeseburger Dip

This hearty cheeseburger dip is already pretty irresistible, but you can make it with Mexican VELVEETA for an extra kick.

Confetti Mac & Cheese

Sneak a serving of vegetables into this cheesy standby to make it extra colorful, and extra nutritious.

Cheeseburger Joes

Already put the grill away for the season? These cheeseburger-inspired sloppy Joes offer the same backyard flavor without the grill.

Mac & Cheese Lasagna

Serve this playful take on lasagna with a mixed green salad for a quick weeknight meal that’s still plenty of fun.

RITZ Parmesan Chicken

Simple ingredients come together beautifully in a chicken dish that works equally well for Tuesday night supper or a Friday night dinner party.

OREO Milkshake

Up your ice cream game with a milkshake recipe you can prepare in a few easy steps.

Mini Fruit Pizza Parfait

These cookie stacks are so simple, you can try making them with all your favorite CHIPS AHOY cookies, PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese Spreads, and fruits.

Double Berry Smoothie

Try using strawberry nonfat yogurt to triple the berry flavor in these frosty blended drinks.

Mini Chocolate Whoopie Pies

You can personalize these fluffy sandwich cakes with your favorite HERSHEY’S Spreads flavors, but good luck keeping others away from the pile!

Sweet Rewards Goal Tracker

Reward your family’s hard work with a little sweetness! All it takes is our free printables, a bit of initiative, and few HERSHEY'S KISSES.